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Small Scale Resistance Welding Training Seminar

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This one-day seminar provides attendees with a detailed introduction to all aspects of the resistance welding process with focus on small-scale applications including those for medical devices, sensor, relays, electrical connectors, and batteries.

The seminar is designed for engineers and experienced technicians who are or will be dealing with resistance welding from all aspects including design, selection of materials, manufacturing, process control, and quality.   The seminar is not intended to learn how to setup, operate, or maintain the welding system.  Topics covered in the training are as follows:

    1. Fundamentals of Resistance Welding

    2. Configurations and Part Designs

    3. Heat Balance

    4. Welding Equipment

    5. Welding Metallurgy

    6. Operational Issues

    7. Process Control

    8. Process Development

Detailed information is available in a pdf brochure available at the link at the top of this page.  For additional information, please call or email at the contact information on the home page.