We offer a variety of training classes that are taught at client location.  The classes are designed to give the attendees an in-depth yet practical understanding of the welding processes.  The classes can be combined with hands-on training at your location and can be customized to suit your needs.  Please feel free to download the pdf brochure for each class for detailed information. Over the last 20 years, these courses have been offered at more than a 100 customers including Fermi Lab, St. Jude Medical, TRW Automotive (now ZF), Parker Hannifin, Eagle Picher, Sensata, Solar Turbines, Spectrum Sensors and Controls, and Joy Signal.

1.  Small-Scale Resistance Welding (Click here for information and registration) 

Next ONLINE (ZOOM) class on May 23; click above link for details and registration

2. Laser Welding And Materials Processing (Click here for information and registration)

Next class on June 1-2 (online) or June 14-15 (onsite); click above link for details and registration

3. Introduction to Welding and Metallurgy (Click here for information and registration)

Next ONLINE (ZOOM) class on May 25-26; click above link for details and registration

4. TIG (GTAW) and MIG (GMAW) Training (brochure)

The one-day class is setup to give attendees a broad understanding of the most commonly used arc welding processes:TIG (GTAW) and MIG (GMAW). Participants are provided with a broad understanding of fundamentals of arc welding processes including process variables, welding torches, electrodes, and shielding gases. Attendees will also be introduced to weld geometry, steel metallurgy, and welding defects. This classroom session can be combined with and additional day of hands-on training.

5.  Resistance (Spot) Welding (brochure) 

This one-day class is designed for engineers and experienced personnel who work on resistance welding issues typically dealing with larger components such as in aerospace, automotive, and industrial applications. Attendees learn about critical issues of heat balance and methods to improve process yield and quality.

6. Design of Experiments (brochure)

The one-day class is designed to give attendees a fundamental understanding of DOE techniques.  This class is well suited for engineers who are not familiar with DOE but are interested in using DOE tools to optimize the process. The class can be split into combination of class-room and hands-on training