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Introduction to Metallurgy and Welding

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This two-day seminar is designed for engineers, managers, and decision makers who have to choose between different options for design, materials, and process in order to have a robust operation. On the first day, attendees are introduced to welding metallurgy (including physical and mechanical metallurgy) so that they have a good understanding on selection of materials, fillers, plating, and resulting weld chemistry. Understanding weld metallurgy is a critical step in setting up a robust process. On the second day, attendees are introduced to the four most commonly used welding processes including laser welding, resistance welding, arc welding, and ultrasonic welding - along with the part designs that suit each process. At the conclusion of the second day, these four processes are compared for different attributes so that the attendees will have the required information to chose the right design, metallurgy, and process to have successful welding operation.

Topics covered in the training are as follows:

    1. Mechanical Metallurgy (strength, hardness, crack growth, etc.)

    2. Physical Metallurgy (phase diagrams, TTT diagrams, martensite, plating, etc.)

    3. Introduction to Resistance Welding

    4. Introduction to Laser Welding

    5. Introduction to Ultrasonic Welding

    6. Introduction to Arc Welding

    7. Comparison to Processes

Detailed information is available in a pdf brochure available at the link at the top of this page.  For additional information, please call or email at the contact information on the home page.